Guillaume Jorandon

Guillaume Jorandon

French queer who plays for both teams. Data scientist, PhD in AI ethics for heath at the Laval University (Québec).

Who am I?

Welcome to my place! My name's Guillaume, I am a data science engineer who graduated from the UTC, France. Here, I studied math and advanced data analysis. I also received an education on cognitive science and philosophy of technics, in the context of the PHITECO minor.

I am currently a PhD student at the Laval University, Québec, in Ai ethics in public health.

Sometimes I do stuff. Please take a look!

If you want to take a more detailed look on my background, please download my resume in French or in english.


My PhD thesis is about pseudo-medicine and data science: study of the effects of learning machines on the spread of health misinformation.

This project studies the consequences of AI systems and data science on public discourse, as well as their usage by the new content providers on the Web. It will tackle the ethical aspects of learning algorithms and recommendation filters implemented by Internet companies to select and present content to the user. Specifically, the project investigates the consequences of such algorithms on public health, especially in the propagation of medical misinformation and pseudomedicine.

This project aims at taking a critical oversight on data science techniques and their use. Various knowledge from different fields of humanities and social science will be applied ( ethics, communication studies, philosophy of techniques) and will guide the development of technical solutions, as well as recommendations for the implementation of ethical and sustainable AI. For this reason we will need both technical and philosophical research, working towards interdisciplinary integration.

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